The story behind Multitud

Most e-commerce stores don't know who their customers are on a deep level, and often just have a list of customer names and contact info. We saw an opportunity to fix this disconnect and help merchants understand their customers better by providing them with valuable insights that they can leverage to recommend the right products to the right customers. With Insights by Multitud, you will have all the data you need to accelerate the growth of your Shopify store and to enrich your existing customer base - all thanks to data science!

a man navigating on his laptop and browsing the Shopify website

What we do

We believe that our most valuable resource is 'Time' — when used wisely, it can result in great achievements. That's why we believe that time shouldn't be wasted. We aim to leverage AI and process automation to give our customers back this resource, allowing them to better serve their customers and end users, so they can create new innovations to grow their businesses.

a birds eye view photo of a team working at a round table with just their arms showing while they work on their laptops and phones
a diverse team of 7 people working together collaboratively on a project with their laptops and tablets on the table.

Working here

We thrive on innovation, creativity, collaboration and adrenaline! We're home to inventors, tech visionaries and industry veterans, entrepreneurs, but also new grads, rock climbers, skiers, cat lovers, dog lovers and more!

Culture Matters

Our work culture focuses on results, not on time spent in front of a computer. We trust our employees and empower them to shape their work themselves so that they can achieve the best possible results.

One man and two women working together on a project while looking at a laptop screen and discussing something.
Our Values

The values that shape everything we do


Challenges and obstacles are opportunities for innovation. We are quick to adapt and always forward thinking.


We love what we do — passionate about our customers and driven by a common vision to transform sales and marketing.


We take the initiative to drive value. As shareholders of the company, we don’t wait for others to act because we care... like owners.

Trust & Respect

While trust is believing in our employees, respect is that trust in action.  A relationship based on trust and respect requires every team member to take responsibility for their actions and to avoid ego-driven behavior.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that being "valued, heard and respected" drive belonging, innovation and success for our people.