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It's like having a data scientist and a strategic business growth advisor working for you 24/7 to take the guesswork out of being a digital merchant.

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Product and Customer Insights to Drive Your Success.

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Uncover Deep Insights

Using data from your customers and Dentsu’s exclusive data, Multitud uncovers insights about your consumers and products they purchase

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Create Smart Segmentation

Automated customer segmentation allows you to learn about the different types of customers in your store to inform next best actions

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Promote the Right Products

Find out which product should be sold to which customer segments through cross selling opportunities and personalized recommendations

Analyze your store's sales to drive actionable insights!

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Our app is built for all eCommerce merchants, small or large.

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Small Stores

Utilize valuable data to enhance your customers' experience.

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Mid-sized Stores

Scale your business with our deep insights + recommendations.

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Large Stores

Utilize our AI-algorithms to take your business to the next level.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can Multitud Insights help improve my eCommerce store?

Multitud's Automated Customer Insights help you to enhance the customer experience in your shop by knowing exactly what matters to your customers and where to best reach them. Smart automated segmentation makes it easy to find out which products are popular with your customers with segmentation to help you drive sales and increase customer retention. Product Insights and Analytics help you to find out how to optimize your shop's sales by pairing products and giving you recommendations about cross-selling opportunities.

How can I find new customers through Multitud customer insights?

To be able to find new customers, understanding your existing customer insights and customer behaviour becomes highly critical to figure out the actions you need to take as an ecommerce store owner to connect with new customers. Multitud insights generates real-time customer trends and buying behaviour based on the customer activity on your own ecommerce store. With Multitud's AI predictive analysis you are better equipped with actual data that help you understand your existing customers and their buying behaviours. Which you can start using to understand the best selling product trends, and buying behavioural patterns to create the right messaging and positioning of your product to find and connect with new potential customers who share similar interests and buying behaviour as your existing customer segments.

How can Multitud Product Insights help me identify new selling opportunities to improve my store sales?

Multitud's AI predictive analysis and machine learning automatically analyzes what products are often bought together and then recommends pairings or product bundles that you can offer to your different customer segments to increase new selling opportunities and sales. All this information and recommendation are available in real-time so that you don't have to sift through all these pieces of data that are usually scattered in different analytics dashboards. Helping you to focus on understanding your customers better with crucial recommendation available at your finger tips saving you time and increasing new selling opportunities to improve your store sales.

How can Multitud Product Insights help me figure out how my customer purchasing behaviour changes over time?

Multitud Insights give you different timeline options to analyse your customer data and buying behaviour example trending products over the last week, last month, last year. With a click of a button you can easily figure how your customer segments are evolving over time and spot trends in the most popular products and how your different customers segments react to those products.

Where does Multitud get the insights from?

With the Multitud Insights app you gain access to Dentsu consumer data - One of the largest customer data sets of life events and location products - Proprietary Visa transactions, - 10,000+ data elements: leading demographic & financial data - Multi-sourced from 40 partners. Bringing together Multitud and Shopify data we use both your shopper’s data and our Dentsu consumer data to enrich your customer segments, enabling machine learning models to not only describe who your customers are today but predict how they will behave in the future. The Multitud app for Shopify gives you everything you need to understand your customer in a deeper way so you can create personalized buying journeys, key messaging, and ad targeting segments to help turn your prospects into loyalists.

Why choose Multitud Insights?

Whether it is segmenting, targeting, loyalty-building, or planning your product offerings, all you usually have is a list of customer names and contact info. And most e-commerce stores don’t know who their customers are on a deeper and meaningful level. With Multitud Insights you are able to enrich your existing customer data with so much more. Multitud by ODAIA has created an AI-powered Shopify app to help you gain a deeper understanding of your customer and discover customer insights you would have never had without the app. You can further segment and even predict the next best audience you should target in your marketing campaigns.

Why do I need another app like Multitud Insights for my Shopify Store?

Multitud Insights is an app that analyzes your customer's engagement and buying behaviour on your e-commerce store and then gives you real-time insights on how you can better engage with your customers.  It's almost like having a full-time trusted advisor helping you make the right decisions at the right time by giving you access to all the information that you need to better connect, engage and sell the right product to the right customers. And all of this is part of the Multitud Insights app which is absolutely Free. If you had to choose another app to add to your Shopify store, the Multitud Insights app should be on your must-have list.

How can I use Multitud insights smart customer segmentation to understand and engage with my ecommerce store customers?

By using the Multitud insights app, you get access to smart customer segmentation which gives Shopify ecommerce merchants all the important insights and metrics you need to understand your customer in a deeper way so you can create personalized buying journeys, key messaging, and ad targeting segments to help turn your prospects or first time buyers into loyal customers.

How can you use Multitud Product Insights to help you identify who your loyal customers are?

Multitud product insights automatically generates who your loyal customers are and how you can better engage with them by giving you recommendations of which products your loyalist are buying. This enables you to understand what you can do to engage with other potential loyalists who share similar buying behaviour as your loyalists. Which in turn helps you to better engage with your existing loyalist and potential loyalist to increase your ecommerce store sales.

How can you use Multitud Product Insights to find out which products are popular with your customer segments?

By bringing together Multitud and Shopify data we use both your shopper’s behaviour and transactional data along with Dentsu's consumer data to enrich your customer segments, enabling machine learning models to not only describe who your customers are today but predict how they will behave in the future. Based on this customer data Multitud is able to analyze which products are popular with your different customer segments. For example which products are most popular with your loyal customers vs your first-time buyers. This sort of insights empowers ecommerce merchants to make better decisions about what products to promote to different customer segments, which would enable better conversion rates, as you are able to offer the product that the customer is most likely to buy at the right time to the right customer.

What's the recommended number of customers you need in your database for Multitud Insights to be effective?

Generally for an AI predictive analysis to be effective it is preferable that your ecommerce store has at least 1000 active customers. More active customers enables the AI predictive analysis to work with more data points which enables Multitud to offer insightful Customer Segmentation, Customer buying trends and product recommendations for your customers.

How will Multitud Insights help me to create better customer experiences?

When and if you were a brick and mortar store you had the opportunity to speak to your customers, engage with them through conversation to understand what parts of your product or service they enjoy and which areas you need to improve. But with ecommerce stores you don't really have those types of conversations with your customers. Multitud insights gives you a glimpse into your customers interests, attitudes and buying behaviours which enables you to better connect with them to recreate in personal customers experience in your online store. Better customer experiences leads to more sales, happier customers, better reviews and referrals helping your ecommerce business to have steady organic growth.

How does Multitud Insights know which products bundles to recommend?

Multitud insights can analyze your existing customer segments buying behaviour and automatically highlight the top products that are usually bought together that you can potentially sell as bundles or as a cross-sell or upsell.

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